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Hi I am co-founder at ********. I was looking to apply for incubation. So I was just confirming that I need to pay INR 990 to apply for this. Is there any extra cost do I need to pay to apply or only this INR 990?

Greetings for the day!

We see that you want to know about the application fee of Our Incubation Program.

For now, the Incubation application cost is just INR 990 and you don’t have pay to anything extra for it.

However, the application process for our Incubation program will close soon because we’re limited by the number of startups that we can incubate this year. Somehow If You Miss this year’s Incubation program then you have to wait till next year. We will reopen Our Application process next year to provide our Incubation to new startups.

Right Now, the Applications are open and you can apply for our startup incubation.

Visit the below link to apply for our Startup incubation.

Do write us back with any other concerns, we will be glad to assist you further

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Team Startup Bazaar

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