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Startup Bazaar Looks for Innovative early-stage businesses that focus on solving real-life problems. We believe in helping these companies grow and create a healthy startup ecosystem that will encourage other entrepreneurs. Our Investors provide seed funding & Series(A, B & more) Funding as well. As a venture, our vision is to empower Innovation & Build a healthy startup ecosystem.

We take up to 1-2 weeks to review applications for investment. To introduce your company to Startup Bazaar and begin the investment application process, please submit the pre-application form, and we will contact you shortly.

Invesment Criteria

  • innovation Index
    We look for startups that solves real-solving problems.
  • Startup traction
    We look for startups that have good traction metrics
  • Team
    we look for great team members as it is the most important part of startup
  • scalability
    Whenever Investors invest in startups they look for how much scalable startup is.

And many other criterias

Investment Process

    Fill up the pre-application form to introduce your Startup to our portfolio management team and begin the application process
    Companies that meet our investment criteria will be invited to submit a formal application.
    Our portfolio management team will review your application and may follow-up for additional details.
    During this stage, we will circulate your application to our various investors connections
    Our team will contact you for the required documents demanded by investors. InCase of no Interest from our investors we will share the feedback .
    A meeting will be schedule with Interested investors to discuss further investment possibilities.

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Begin the application process by filling up our pre-application form. A member of Startup Bazaar portfolio management team will contact you once we have had a chance to review your submission, typically 1-2 weeks.

Apply before this quarter's funds get Invested in other startups

Offer is extended for 1 more hour!



Anyone can with the pitch deck and few traction can apply for funding.

Pre Application form fee is ₹990

From Application form to the Virtual meeting process fee is ₹4990. we will manage all the communication.

Have more questions? Connect with us at or Message us At +9178891 81223

  • Interested Investors send you mail at this address
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  • Interested Investors send you mail at this address
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