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Crowdfunding Challenge

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Our Startup Bazaar Portal is growing with great phase and every day we get a lot of queries regarding funding. Some startups need funding for their industrial project and other for local business. We are trying our best to help them get funding through our investor’s connection but investors don’t show interest in local businesses.

We want to support as many startups/businesses so that’s why we’re adding a new feature on our portal i:e CROWDFUNDING. 

Benefits of Startup Bazaar Crowdfunding:-

  • You don’t need a Private limited company to raise funds.
  • You can raise funds as an individual.
  • No need to give a Certificate of shares after investment.

This Sounds Great! right. As a solopreneur, you can raise funds.

Then why haven’t we added this feature yet?

Because we’ve encountered a little problem i:e Investor won’t provide investment until a Solopreneur/businesses/industry gives them a guarantee on return and on their investment.

Traditionally, Startups provides the investor equity in exchange for funding but in this case, we’re helping solopreneur/business and mostly they’ve firm, not a Private limited company. These Business owners can’t provide equity to investors.

Problem Statement; 

How can investors invest in firms and get a guarantee in exchange for that?

Solve this problem and we’ll definitely implement your professional approach if our investors liked your solution.

What will Winners get?

1st Prize

  • One year membership of Startup Bazaar(Worth INR 6000)
  • Chance of getting funding
  • You can apply for our incubation.

2nd & 3rd Prize

  • 6 months membership of Startup Bazaar(Worth INR 4000)
  • Chance of getting funding
  • You can apply for our incubation.


This is an online program


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