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I'm also Host of The Startup Bazaar Show

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Hello Founders, I’m Aakash Kalsi – Founder of Startup Bazaar.

I Started my Startup Journey in 2017. In my Journey I launched many Startups – Some of them succeeded and some of them failed.

By Education Qualification, I’m a college dropout. I love talking about startups & always share my learnings with the founders so that you guys can learn from my mistakes.

A startup is just not about the idea, it’s about the team, execution, cash flow, unit economics & a lot of complicated stuff that founders don’t even know about.

The Biggest challenge is letting people you have created this product & Asking them to use it. Well, this is marketing. Founders spend the majority of time building a super product but when it comes to early adopters, No one even knows that it exists.

With Tons of Startup Learnings & as a Big Brother, I will share my story in hope that it will help your startup to grow.

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