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Investment Policy

Investment Policy

Startup Bazaar is investment Firm.We digitally incubate startups & help those entrepreneurs who seek help.We invest in great ideas and the founders behind that ideas.Startups which are incubated by us,we take care of their website, marketing campaigns, graphic design and mentorship for 6 months.

What will be stake of Startup Bazaar in our startup?

Startup Bazaar will have 20-40 percent stake in your startup depending upon risk associated with thw idea. Anti Dilution Shareholder Agreement will be signed between Startup Bazaar and your Startup if your startup is Private limited company.

What should i do so that i don’t get banned from services?

Startup Bazaar focus on growth of their incubated startups and do whatever it takes to made them profitable.Things you should take care of:-

 -If we found some fraud in accounting department then all your active services will be closed.

 -If we found some illegal work is going on in your startup then You will can get in serious trouble.

 -If anyone Use Company’s name without Company’s permission then the legal action will be taken against it.

 -Violation of any Startup Bazaar policy will not be tolerated.

Can i get my Company stake back?

Yes, you can get your company stake back from us because we are investors and if we get a valuable return then we will definitely sell stake back to you.

Is their any negotiation can happen for stake?

No, there will no negotiation for our stake in your startup.