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  1. Pitch To 100+ Investors – You can send your startup pitch to 100+ investors through Startup Bazaar.
  2. 1 Crore+ Seed Funding Chance – Startup Bazaar has extremely great investors and can invest anything from lakhs to crores.
  3. Access Startup Bazaar Pro For Free – Startup Bazaar Pro is the one-stop solution for all your funding needs. From investors to Startup programs/events.
  4. Virtual Meetings With Interested Investors – Our team will help to set up a virtual meeting with interested investors so that you can raise funding with ease.
  5. Access our investor’s network – A complete database of investors with contact details, Mannually send your pitch to any of them.
  6. Advertise with startup bazaar – Utilize the power of Startup Bazaar Network to gain early traction for your startup.
  7. Onboarding as Startup – Create Your Startup Page on Startup Bazaar and get featured in the Emerging startups list.