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Learn from Founders of Bharatpe, Boat, Shaddi.com, Lenskart and more

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Sharks of India

  1. Anupam Mittal                                                                         
  2. Ashneer Grover                                                                      
  3. Aman Gupta                                                                             
  4. Peyush Bansal                                                                          
  5. Ghazal Alagh                                                                            
  6. Vineeta Singh                                                                           
  7. Namita Thapar    

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How Lenskart Transformed the Traditional Eyewear Buying Experience.

  1. Background and history of Lenskart 10
  2.  Overview of the eyewear industry in India 12
  3. Lenskart’s business model and competitive advantages 13

  1. Marketing strategies used by Lenskart to reach customers 17
  2. Branding efforts to establish Lenskart as a leading eyewear brand 18
  3. Digital marketing campaigns and social media presence
  1. Marketing strategies used by Lenskart to reach customers                                   
  2. Partnerships with other retailers and e-commerce platforms 26
  3. Expansion into international markets

  1. Lenskart’s use of technology to enhance customer experience 30
  2. Customization options for eyewear 32
  3. Innovation in eyewear design and materials

  1. Lenskart’s focus on customer satisfaction 35
  2. Easy and flexible return policies 36
  3. Personalized service and support for customers
  1. Lenskart’s focus on customer satisfaction 35
  2. Easy and flexible return policies 36
  3. Personalized service and support for customers

A Case Study of Boat's Success in Building a Premium Audio Brand in India.

  1. Brief overview of Boat and its products 6
  2. Importance of the Indian market for audio electronics 7
  3. Purpose and scope of the case study

  1. History of Boat and its founders 12
  2. Vision and mission statement 13
  3. Business model and revenue streams 15
  1. Target audience and segmentation 24
  2. Marketing channels and campaigns 25
  3. Brand identity and recognition 27
  1. Distribution network and partnerships 30
  2. Online and offline sales channels 31
  3. Pricing strategy and promotions 33
  1. Revenue and profitability 35
  2. Funding and investment history 36
  3. Future growth plans and projections 38
  1. Contribution to the Indian audio electronics market 40
  2. Social and environmental impact 41
  3. Challenges and opportunities for the future 43

The Rise of BharatPe and the Future of Fintech in India

  1. Brief overview of BharatPe 8
  2. Purpose of the case study 9
  1. Description of BharatPe’s business model 10
  2. Key features of the model 12
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of the model 13
  1. Overview of the Indian payments market 16
  2. Analysis of BharatPe’s competitors 18
  3. BharatPe’s market share and position 20
  1. Overview of BharatPe’s marketing strategy 21
  2. Target audience and messaging 23
  3. Channels used for customer acquisition 24
  1. Overview of BharatPe’s product offerings 26
  2. Features and functionality 28
  3. User experience and design 30
  1. Overview of BharatPe’s key partnerships 31
  2. Impact of partnerships on business growth 33
  3. Future partnership opportunities

  1. Overview of BharatPe’s funding history 36
  2. Key investors and funding rounds 38
  3. Financial performance and revenue streams

  1. Overview of key challenges faced by BharatPe 41
  2. Opportunities for growth and expansion 43
  3. Strategies to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities 45

CaseStudy Reviews

Manind SankhyanAmazon Review
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This book is a quick and short read. But man! the lessons written here are so valuable. The author (MANNAT MANNY) has used simple language. Even the beginners can/should read this book. The major takeaways from this book are- Attitude is everything. Even in the worst cases, you have an option to choose your attitude: how’d you respond to that problem. You can’t ignore negative thoughts altogether. Instead, you can try indulging more positive thoughts. The positive thoughts should dominate your negative thoughts.
DevAmazon Review
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Understood a lot by reading the journeys of different entrepreneur. Smartwork, dedication and consistency helps you to achieve your goals.
AnonymousAmazon Review
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Best of all the times!!!! Love it surely!!! Time requiring, paceful Go ahead, the success! ! ! ! ! !
Ravi SharmaWebsite Review
Read More
The case study provided invaluable insights that I was able to apply to my own business. It was well-researched, and the analysis was spot-on.
Rahul MehtaWebsite Review
Read More
This case study was a game-changer for me. The insights I gained from it have helped me make better decisions and improve my business's performance.
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