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Startup Bazaar Acceleration Program

Event Information

Startup Bazaar is inviting applications to Our Acceleration Program. It is an initiative by Startup Bazaar to Scale, support, co-innovate with the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Indian startup ecosystem.

Startup Bazaar is looking specifically to select startups, who have their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ready.

The selected startups will be able to avail various benefits, including:

Sales & Marketing Mentoring – Get a Sales & marketing mentorship session with our company’s CEO, You’ll learn how to increase Startup Traction & achieve Profitability.

Get Investors – Pitch your startup to 100’s of investors with Startup Bazaar.

Media Coverage – Get Your Startup Story covered by Startup Bazaar Media team.

Advertise with Us – Advertise your startup on our Network.

Founder Interview – Our team will take your interview about your journey to share your experience & learnings with the Startup Bazaar community.

Virtual Meetings with Interested Investors – Our Team will help you to set up virtual meetings with interested investors.

Get Featured – We’ll feature your startup on our website.

Participants Rewards

Every Startup Bazaar acceleration program Participant can avail these benefits:

Participation certificate – You’ll get a Startup Bazaar Acceleration Program participation certificate.

Media Coverage – Our team will cover your startup Journey. We’ll share it with the Startup Bazaar community.

Ten Investor Connections – We’ll provide you with 10 investor connections that are more likely to invest in your startup.

Get Featured – We’ll Feature your startup on our site.

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Startup Bazaar Acceleration Program

Applications will close on August 17th, 2021


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