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AAWRAN URJA FOUNDATION is a Non Profit Organization registered under The Companies Act, 2013. It’s registered for pre- defined objects or activity Health, Solar Energy and Social Work as per Activity Code mentioned under Company CIN Number U85300CT2020NPL010412. It is set up directly by registering the company with RoC, Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Its registered office address is Village Lohari

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Chhattisgarh, india

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This Startup is seeking 99 Lakhs
AAWARAN URJA FOUNDATION WORKING AREAS WITH AREAS OF POSSIBILITIES. SOLAR AUF will be responsible for spreading awareness regarding solar technology and its use in domestic and commercial purposes. Training will be organised by the AUF to urban and rural area individuals regarding installation, maintenance and future prospects of this technology. Self sustainability @ atma nirbhar bharat: AUF priority based camps will be organised mostly in rural areas in pan india for benefiting jobless individuals to step up on their own. Commercial and domestic installation of ON-GRID, OFF-GRID and HYBRID systems so as to promote pollution free energy distribution throughout the nation. Use of latest solar technology viz., MONOCRYSTALLINE, AC MODULES, HALF CUT BIFACIAL MIX TECHNOLOGY. Enabling rural and urban areas to acquire and utilize maximum usage of solar tech to promote green energy throughout the nation. 2. EDUCATION AND SPORTS AUF will be prioritizing rural areas nationwide for education deliverance to the individuals so that they can cope up with the modern society and bring out 100% literacy rate, 0% poverty and 100% self sustainability. OVERALL SKILL DEVELOPMENT according to the capability of the individual (PMKVY) USAGE OF LATEST TECHNOLOGY to enhance the educational productivity of the institutes viz., self evaluating AI and system. SPORTS is as important with education, AUF will target rural and urban area individuals to choose sports and games of their choice accordingly which will create multiple future opportunities in every aspect of life. AUF with the help of government agencies for the same, will provide sports complexes in small and isolated areas so that youth of every age category can participate in health improvement programmes also, talents from distinguished sports and games category can be recognised at a large scale. 3. HEALTH AUF will focus on delivering medical facilities across the nation to each and every individual with the help of governing agencies in related fields. Health and medical checkup camps will be organised by AUF in needed places across the nation. AUF will develop an overall university for delivering quality education and medical facilities in each and every state. Organising health awareness camps in rural and urban areas delivering knowledge on healthy sanitation facilities, nutrition and health and family health programmes. Awareness camps related to high risk diseases such as, diarrhea, dengu, malaria, jaundice, AIDS, cancer, T.B. and many more life threatening diseases and its cure and treatment.( including snake bite cases). 4. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT AND SELF EMPLOYMENT AUF will organise awareness camps related to development of women in present day society so that women coming from backward areas meet challenges successfully in this society. AUF will deliver the actual knowledge regarding women empowerment related to the customs of the society to avoid clashes between the same. Awareness camps related to self employment viz., tailoring, sanitary pads manufacturing, edible food products manufacturing and various other aspects, will be organised to enhance the situation of women from backward society. 5. EMPOWERMENT MODULES FOR PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED INDIVIDUALS Training camps enhancing the capabilities of phy. Handicapped individuals in their capacity so that they can stand with the society proudly and earn a respective living apart from becoming a beggar. Will produce small scale business opportunities for the same cadre so that they can live a self sustaining life. 6. AGRICULTURE AND FARMER EMPOWERMENT. AUF will organise training camps for farmers to enhance them with modern agricultural techniques including organic farming and new exotic fruits and vegetables farming techniques. Enabling farmer to choose right market to sell their products and gain maximum profits Creating future prospects regarding farming methodology using hi-tech machineries to enhance productivity and profitability. 7. PRESERVING LOCAL CULTURAL HERITAGE AND PROMOTION. AUF will work aggressively in the local tribal areas to preserve the priceless cultural heritage and customs so that future generations can be updated with the same skills of tribal areas. Organising cultural programmes to avail tribal people an opportunity to showcase their cultural skills and heritage/ customs. 8. SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN Organising awareness camps for invoking swachh bharat abhiyan in every corner of the nation. Developing a positive attitude towards maintaining and preserving surroundings to overcome health related issues, minimising human waste disposal and hygiene in daily life.



Chhattisgarh, india


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