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We are a rural Transparent E-commerce (TE-Commerce) platform delivering almost everything within 60 minutes to time crunch customers through their preferred retailers from smaller towns in the country. Through Graamm app we are enabling local sellers to display, promote & sell their products to local customers making local sales grow & make same day deliveries possible even in small towns.

Early Traction

IT Services


Maharashtra, india

Startup USP's

  • Global Cart allowing buy from multiple local vendors in the same order
  • No Dark Stores
  • Assisting Digitization of product Catalogs
  • Focusing only on Tier 3 and Tier 2 towns


Every year more than ₹4000 crores of business is drained by big e-commerce giants from merely tier-3 towns in India. These e-commerce platforms which are mostly backed by Dark Stores, affect more than 3 crore offline merchants’ sales on daily basis. On the other hand , the online purchase is already deterred with high shipping fees and delivery lasting more than 7 days. Graamm fills this gap by offering an online platform for such offline sellers to display, promote and sell their products to customers in their town, who now has everything in their town just on a fingertip, can just go through various stores on the Gramm app and also getting it delivered within 60 minutes. Thus, Graamm offers a ‘Phy-Gital’ model for its sellers by not maintaining the Dark Stores, but selling only through local merchants. Graamm covers trades ranging from food, grocery and daily needs to medicines, pathology tests and pick-up and drop services.

Service Needed

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Equity Dilution

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Funding - INR 1 Crore
We have a successful product in 1 city with 7000+ deliveries and 12000+ app installations. We are now ready with plans to expand to 20 tier 3 towns in the next 2 years and to 100 tier 3 towns in the next 3 years. We still have a lot to improve on the app with respect to UI and features and the use of deep technology for digitalization of products and better customer experience. Here is how we will spend our funding- App Development, UI improvisation - ₹700,000 Marketing and Advertisement - ₹3,500,000 Manpower for expansion and penetration - ₹2,500,000 E-Bikes for Riders - ₹1,200,000 Office Space - ₹1,000,000 Accounting Expenses - ₹250,000 Delivery Trails Through Drone Technology - ₹850,000

Equity Dilution


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