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C2C mobile app to boost home business hyperlocally,simplify employability & disposal of domestic resource/skills. We wish to cover a multitude of aspects with a plan: ❖ Build an environmentally sustainable community engaged in bartering products and services with an option to buy and sell or donate used quality products in a timely manner ❖ Utilizing the nation’s bulk comprising home-makers

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Application Development

West Bengal, india

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This Startup is seeking 50 Lakhs
Hapster Your Happy Place is a mobile application for a) Environment and Sustainable Living: Encourages simplifying exchange of services and products with effective utilization of dead assets; setting time honored e-garage sale as one stop page; facilitating donation of items to listed NGOs, with an in-app delivery system thus, reducing carbon printing and applying “Reuse and Recycle” mantra b) E-commerce/Generating self-sustainable employment/ Self-reliance: Boosting home businesses hyper locally as per their business interests currently running on WhatsApp with an in-app delivery system thus facilitating economic growth of the country. We need investment to create this mobile application, do marketing and launch the app.

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West Bengal, india


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