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Labelankusharya is a home to a large number of sustainable apparels and accessories inspired from the stories of fairy tales and ancient mythologies. Every outfit from us gives you the gorgeous feel of fairy tales in you.  We are dedicated to provide quality products to our valued clients because we believe that “There is more beauty in the finest cloth if it is made with love, care and happines.

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Apparel & Accessories

Haryana, india

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This Startup is seeking 1 Lakhs
Labelankusharya is a house of large number of sustainable clothing. Everything is made to order. We make outfit and sell them and donate 15% of the monthly total in the charities to help animals. So we are a brand who is bringing new style of couture clothing with ecoprinting or bundle dye techniques, hand printing clothing. 15% of total we sell donated to help the street animals.

Labelankusharya HQ


Haryana, india


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