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Initially started off with the basic idea of Real Estate Business & House Rental Business. We will be charging 50% or 15 days rent as our commission initially from the Owners and once we established as Brand, gradually from the Tenants side as well, We will be dealing plots sale, flat sale & commercial space as wellwhich most of our own webpage & mobile application with

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Real Estate


Andhra Pradesh, india

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This Startup is seeking 50 Lakhs
The very first thing I am going to do is to rent an office space and buy basic furnitures for that. I want to hire a team of 5 or more professionals according to the need, who are an ace in their work domain. I want to develop and design an application that suits and depict my 3 unique innovations interrelated. Advertisement and Marketing on a much large scale for enough exposure and brand recognition. Will need a company transport (4 wheeler) for handling visits and other company related work

Paradox Group HQ


Andhra Pradesh, india

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