Startup Bazaar Thrust Program


Event Information

Startup Bazaar is Inviting entrepreneurs to find their Early adopters & Customers. Anyone can take part in this With MVP. More than 7000+ Founders Audience will Witness your Startup. Startup Bazaar Thrust Program has designed to Provide thrust, You need to Succeed.

Startup Bazaar is looking specifically to select startups, which focuses on Solving Real-Life Problems.

Your startups will be able to avail various benefits, including:

  1. Get Early Traction:- Reach to Your Early Adopters & Customers to achieve Product-market fit.
  2. Target Audience:- Your Will be Promoted among 7000+ founders Audiences.
  3. Pitch to Investors:- Best Startups will get a chance to 100+  Pitch Investors.
  4. Get Featured:- Get Featured in Emerging heroes Magazine & Our Startup Stories Blog.
  5. Marketing Mentorship:- Best Startups will get a One to One Marketing Mentorship.
  6. Startup Bazaar Portfolio:- Become a Part of Our Portfolio. Our portfolio continuously Circulates among various Investors.
  7. Startup Pool:-  Become Part of Our Startup Pool, It is a Pool of various Startups with their Funding Offers.
  8. Access To Startup Bazaar Pro:- Chance to Win One Year Membership FREE of cost.
  9. Investor Newsletter:- Get Featured In Our Investor Newsletter, This is a Weekly newsletter that circulates among investors.

We’re limited with time, If you Don’t want to be in the queue for months then Please Register ASAP.




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