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Zepto Casestudy

Zepto’s Success Case Study: How 19-year-old Stanford dropouts built a Near INR 7000+ Crore valued Unicorn startup



‘No Competition, No Progress’, a quotation that justifies some of the bisected portions of the startup ‘Zepto’. A specific claim when comes from an emerging brand in the market that already has n number of competitors on a recognizable scale, and that also is ‘Delivering groceries in 10 minutes. Yes, you heard it right or may have earlier before.

Understanding ‘Zepto’!!


Zepto is a grocery delivery service brand that is still struggling to be in the ongoing race of the latter. Is it ongoing? Surely, it is the big brands like Grofers and Big basket that are been counted as the supreme and ruling leaders in the delivery of groceries. These were the startups that had the original idea which was none of the others at the time they began and grew, which may be given as the ground-level reason for their favorable outcome of theirs.

The period when the entrepreneurs in the same context started to realize, the demand and call for the service, many induced the same on their already existing service providing applications and websites. If I have to name any, the first one would be Amazon, does anybody of you reading the content not aware of this added ministration in your mobile applications? I guess none of you; Why?

Amazon has reached the heights where its marketing strategies are applied, executed, and are been already directed, the brand of theirs is established and one who has the application installed would be pondering over the same to locate new availabilities and accessibilities.

Therefore, in the wake of these previously elevated contenders ‘ZEPTO’ still took the risk perceived on the random probability. But there’s nothing wrong with it, as you could always have your Unique selling preposition via which your product or service would rank in the market.

Discussing the Zepto Claim!!


We talked about a unique selling proposition, in a sanctioned manner, the differentiator, or any distinctive facet you are bringing to the table for the public. Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra brainstormed well on the same and bought the idea of ‘10minutes delivery’. Most entrepreneurs who have well-established and notable businesses had their self-experienced cause for their startup. The same happened with these two young boys.

Here, irrespective of the fact that in the eleventh grade Aadit had the instinct to be an entrepreneur. Yes, you did hear right, 11th grade as equals a male brain, which was influenced by Cars, their manufacturing, and services, he made an application for carpooling, the boy had the thought to visualize the scene of the ones who would be in trouble if their car is damaged or non-operational due to any of the reasons, the app was ‘Go Pool’. Failures are always the lessons and are majorly critical plus significant to raise the person higher and higher.

In startups, learning lessons either it’s from others’ mistakes or your own is the best way according to me you could build your castle more stronger and founded. The same did the carpool idea did to Aadit, but of course, the boy did not lose hope of being an entrepreneur. How did the idea of Zepto come up to these both?

It was lockdown, yes the company is founded in the year 2021, when the two had to prep up the necessities for the lockdown, the main shift of half of the population was into stocking their groceries, and here they found the gap of even the longest deliveries. That’s how the Zepto was initiated as a thought.

The Zepto Journey in brief!!


Although, the startup initially was not ‘Zepto’ it was ‘Kirana mart’ as they were the emergers, finances were not that in support for a whole new set-up business, so they came up with the associations/ collaborations with a few of the delivery boys were also hired by them. Gradually, when they came to know where their part is strong than others, that was the short–time deliveries,  they hit the thought of ‘10minutes delivery’ and ‘Zepto’ was finally called. How did they minimize this period to 10 minutes which the big brands could not do?

They understood the strategical plan of delivery which was; that packaging took the maximum time, groceries had to be stocked before they are delivered, and this storage are meant to be done in the dark stores. brands like Grofers have the longest dark stores as in 2000-3000 sq. ft area which could store almost 3000-3500 products. These big stores would always ask for the longest time for locating the products, then it’s the packaging and delivery time.

Zepto stood high here even by building small dark stores, where the products that the major population demands are stocked. This would reduce the timing for locating and packaging. Second what Zepto did was keep the delivery boys plus the other crew always at these dark stores, which would reduce the time of delivery boys being firstly running to the stores than to the customer.

Thirdly, zepto had built these dark stores at the corner level locations in each of their operational states of theirs which are Delhi, Banglore, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad for the time being in India. At last, the strongest part they did was the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence which could even reduce the reduced period of finding the asked products in the dark stores.

The current stage of the company is at the funding level, where they already had raised many rounds and have the investors, but an entrepreneur should be ever ready to overlook any provocations or crisis communications.

The toughest challenge the company would have is their competitors that are raising the temperature each wind, Bigbasket is been funded by TATA, more is the funding to the company more is their service more operational and distributed amongst their target audience. This is the hint for Zepto to be financially ever independent because their race is more specific.

The company with more investments would be the one bringing in more advertising tools such as discounts and more beneficial offers for their customers. The best this company did was hiring their staff even if the delivery boys are counted in such a short span, marketing tactics work everywhere whether it’s the internal communication or customer retention.

So, we did notice their plan has a strike to still hit their customers and get them all shifted from Grofers, BigBasket, Amazon, and swiggy to a single owned platform ‘ZEPTO’.


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