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zomato case study

ZOMATO: case study, “Wishing to be the 1st Google of Food”. check now



Contesting hard to be the Google of Food, Zomato a food delivery company was initially put in place as FoodieBay in 2008. Prior to the founders Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah eventually landed on a rebranding conclusion of turning the plot towards ‘ZOMATO’ in 2010, the company held its wings and people were never tired of trusting the latter mobile application for their meal supplies. 

The amenities company bestows in the action of retaining their customers, in a market where applications and websites like Swiggy, UberEats, Ola- Foodpanda are in co-existence 

Are the same since day one. Being viable and operational mainly in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, and up to 10,000 cities extensively over the world, Zomato a foodtech miniature turned into a real-time unicorn, supported by the figures of their revenue in 2019 by rupees 13,000 crores to the year 2020 by rupees 28,00 crores. 

The blend of the insight of the brand along with technology has summoned up their working, marketing, advertising, and demises within a cover-up of their mobile and digital websites and applications. A structure of being a channel voice between the ordered restaurant and the customer, the company sticks to their reviews and feedback either of the restaurant or their services, which is a central planned affiliated marketing technique and approach towards escalating their target market. 

Business with competitors on- board, serving utmost desirables can be a bleak face of the company, as in the Zomato organizational built, UberEats was heading up to. Reserving the situation well on 21 January 2020, Zomato procured its fastest opponent UberEats, terming them being a holder of 10% of the revenue model. 

Indian market apprehension is a pointer key to hitting oneself’s business on an organic medium of reach and provisioning the audience with the discount, offers is what really they ask and drool for. As soon as you tend to visit the mobile application of Zomato, the search option, as well as restaurant check boxes, will be visible whichever are been annexed via this digital mode. There are ongoing restaurant offers, ranging from 30% to 50% plus the advanced Zomato heads up to you with some inside freebies. The surrounded savings and coupons that are attainable following your items in the cart vary and benefit the repeated users on a consistent level.

From letting the users search their yearned food or available restaurant to order placement, there is not a single variable disconcerting the use, Zomato is a smooth workable platform that enables the tracking of the delivery partners, with their contact numbers, and in the COVID covering environment, the temperature of latter is been mentioned for you before you are all set to place your healthy order. Keeping a record check over the period taken over the preparation of the order, to the packaging of the order, the details of the time grabbed by the delivery mate to reach the restaurant till the till they hand over the parcel to your residence is well- informed and aware in your virtual presence. 

The restaurant ratings are something, which is coherent and rational in order to make the users choose their best experience from the application. The inclusion of Zomato support in the mobile usage app lets us call for any inconvenience or uncertainties, whether it is about your received orders or prior to your decision of making an order from a less renowned eatery.

Leaning a bit more towards the added restaurants, Zomato is not the one hiring them in order to enhance their business model, it is the elemental mark where the under nominated eating joints have the option of expanding their sway in the localities by including oneself along with the menu, price ranges, dining availabilities, location, and other particulars. An option providing you to order for someone, in case you are a surprised intended personality is too accessible here, with any wanting custom made messages or e-cards you can now sit in Mumbai, and get ordered a birthday cake for your best friend sitting in Pune. 

Your delivery man has a virtual meet-up before he handles you with the order, with the note of his profile sectioning on the application including the full name, address, e-mail, phone number, photograph, and many more struck details. The push notification for the present helps them to structure a better way of accepting orders placed at a single time in the same locality. The blending of google maps attribution aids them to pick out and way their shortest route of an accurate and timely delivery. 

The set-up admins or the Zomato support partners conversate well with the users on a regular note, plus has a monitor check on all the added restaurants and their working abilities, the updations or removals if a restaurant is not meeting up user’s expectation is been done accordingly. The analytics and report generation excluding the joints and focussing on Zomato is been accounted for the threats and opportunities in order in which amendments and growth orientation are asked and made. 

Aside from all discussed features, the company tends to awaken the users with facilities like booking dining, and forming takeaways also has been counted up as a digital platform where upliftment in the customer base of the new eateries present in the constant user-friendly locations, users may also follow or rate the food brands, a feature alike at all the social media platforms.

For the ones, who are first-time users at Zomato there is a provisional extra beneficial promo code that acts as a crucial base for customer retention, and vice versa happens with the added target market in the hotel and restaurant business. There may be some additional expenses, and people, may proffer and neglect the app usage like commissions, taxes, delivery charges, packaging fees, and charity fees, therefore the most common review on Zomato is the need of removing these unwanting charges. 

Taking in charge of UberEats did not solemnly do the needful, the biggest rival in the game still perpetuates which is Swiggy founded in  2014 globally ranks today at 4,432 while Zomato is able to capture the position at 2,81. Zomato Pro is an auxiliary utility offering the Pro members with zero delivery and surge fee charges. Forward to the revenue model, restaurant commissions exist where they take over 30% of total business from the application or website, which can be amended in the case of a more renowned and top-rated restaurant to 20- 25%. It is the available platform to play advertisements, and get themselves charged for the same.


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